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20 x 20 Fundraising Initiative

Do You want to support the Pride of Durant but are tired of buying $15 tins of candy?!

Don’t want to buy another meat stick?!

Hate spending money on useless items?!

Welcome to:  $20/20

What is it?  A Different kind of Fundraising Initiative

Description & Goal:  To solicit 2000, individual donations @ $20/month (perpetual) by the year 2020.

Can I give more than $20 per month? OF COURSE! Any donation amount is helpful and appreciated!  We used $20 because it went so well with “by the year 2020”

Why Donate?  This is an effort to raise funds with out over fundraising our community.  The businesses and individuals of Durant are constantly bombarded with fundraisers from not only Durant students but also county school students.    

Donating verses Fundraisers:  100% of the money donated will be directly used for Durant Band on every grade level (Intermediate, Middle, and High School Bands) instead of 50-60% being paid to a fundraising company and only 40-50% being raised for band.

How will my donation be spent?

  • Instruments for underprivileged beginner students
  • New equipment (not funded by the school)
  • Up keep and painting for Band truck and trailers
  • Ability to start private lesson program, professional clinicians, part time help with marching band
  • Family out of pocket expense for accessories such as reeds, oils, stands, folders, sticks/mallets (that are not funded by school),
  • Transportation costs not funded by school for band out of state and/or intermediate/middle school band end of the year performances (ie-Six Flags, Frontier City, Sandy Lake, etc…)
  • Trip costs for out of state invitational contests/performances offered to the HS Band such as 2019 National Memorial Day Parade in Washington DC, Gold Star Family Parade at Pearl Harbor (Hawaii), Carnegie Hall in New York City, Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, Ireland (These are some of the invitations extended to our band for consideration in the Fall of 2018)
  • Marching Band Costs (that are not funded by school)
  • Dance Team equipment and costuming (not funded by school)
  • Student meals for road trips on all grade levels

Would you please consider helping to fund one of the largest and most successful students groups in Bryan County?


TO DONATE ELECTRONICALLY:  Please return to the homepage, click DONATE NOW, and follow the instructions.  If you would like your donation to be made in the name of a current Pride of Durant student, please let us know by emailing


TO DONATE BY MAIL (CASH OR CHECK):  Please complete the form below.


Thank you for your consideration,

Durant Band and Durant Band Boosters



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